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Second Nature Outdoors Challenge

Jun 15, 2024


The Second Nature Outdoors Challenge is a two stage race completed in teams of two. Stage one is a 20 km canoe paddle to Oromocto from Fredericton. Stage two is a 24 km bike ride from Oromocto back to Fredericton. Both team members must complete both stages together without assistance. 


The race has four categories 


  • Coed 

  • Mens

  • Womens 

  • Family




Traveling by canoe teams will paddle from Fredericton down the Wolastoq/ Saint John River to Oromocto. 


6:00 am - racers arrive at Second Nature Outdoors Fredericton

6:30 am - Safety Briefing 

7:00 am - Staggered starts in heats of up to 10 teams at a time. 


Safety boats will be present along the river. These boats are not allowed to assist in any way other than in the event of a medical emergency or a team chooses to forfeit the race. If for example a canoe capsizes it is up to the team to complete a self rescue and continue paddling.


Upon arrival at Second Nature Outdoors in Oromocto teams will check in with race officials. This will pause the clock for a maximum of 30 min to allow racers to eat, use the washroom,  seek first aid, and prepare for the next stage.


Stage 2


Traveling by bicycle teams will navigate the trail network from Oromocto to Fredericton. Riding on the roads is not permitted. The finish line will be at Second Nature Outdoors downtown Fredericton.


Racers are expected to complete the race by 2pm

Support teams


Each racing team is permitted to have a support team. The purpose of this team is to ensure that supplies and equipment is managed. This includes preparing paddling equipment prior to the teams arrival, and collecting bikes and other gear left behind once the team has gone back on the water.  


Support teams may not assist along the race course only at transition points when the clock is paused or stopped. If a team chooses to forfeit the race they may call their support team to arrange pick up. 


Support teams are not required but highly encouraged. Race organizers will not have capacity to assist teams that do not have a support team. 




  • All racers in the Open, Men's and Women's divisions must be a minimum of 16 years old.

  • All racers must complete a waiver prior to the start of the race. Racers under the age of 19 must have their waiver signed by their legal guardian.

  • Teams in the Family division must be made up of one adult and one child under the age of 16 years old. Family teams may have up to two adults and two children under the age of 16 on one team.

Cost: $150 per team


Equipment may be rented from Second Nature Outdoors for an additional cost if required.


Each competitor will receive: 

  • Participation medal

  • T-shirt



Each division will receive awards for first, second and third place.  


There will be draws for additional prizes for all competitors

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