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Industry Partner Page

Thank you for choosing to partner with Second Nature Outdoors. We are pleased to offer you a look ahead at next years programs and prices and other business to business opportunities. If you have any questions please feel free to reach out at any time.


Second Nature Outdoors uses FareHarbor to manage all of our reservations. FareHarbor works with AL-Desk and can develop dashboards to allow our partners to book directly into our system. 


2024 Experiences

Full descriptions of these experiences and others can be found on our website. Prices listed below are regular pre trade Tarifs and taxes. Other products and services on our website that are not listed below may be eligible for discounts.


Stand Up Paddle Board Yoga

2024 - 

Hartt Island

Sunrise Paddle 



Sunset Paddle

2024 - 

Rental Rates

Single Kayak                   $25 / hr                                           $99.99 / day 

Double Kayak                 $35 / hr                                           $139.99/ day

Canoe                             $35 / hr                                           $139.99 / day

Stand up paddleboard  $25 / hr                                          $99.99 / day

Adult Bike                       $20 / 2hr           $25 / 4hr               $30 / day

Child / Youth Bike          $15/ 2hr            $20 / 4hr               $25 / day

Thule Bike Trailer           $20 / 2hr           $25 / 4hr               $30/ day

E-Bike                                                       $45 / 4hr               $75 / day

Rentals are available from our downtown Fredericton and Oromocto riverfront locations


63 Brunswick Street Fredericton 

1605 St Marys Street Fredericton


992 Onondaga Street Oromocto 

Trade Pricing

Qualified industry partners may receive up to a 20% discount off of the regular retail price.

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